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It's All About The Pro-G-Diet was created in 2011 to support thousands of people around the world who are trying to manage their weight and change their eating habits so as to better their lives. The man behind the vision of creating a holistic online environment that will capture every twist and turn of your weight-loss journey is Dr. Nikolaos Metaxotos. Aside from being a well renowned plastic surgeon, he also shares a passion and knowledge in creating true beauty from the inside out.

To date, the dietisnotforme team has encouraged and supported an array of individuals to lose weight by educating them on their health habits, patterns and behaviours.

Our core role in each individual’s life is to provide them with all the necessary stepping-stones that will help build their self-confidence, achieve personal satisfaction and exceed their expectations. We stand by our philosophy of eating well and staying active, as this is the only guarantee in succeeding a healthy life.

With the utmost professionalism and care we have created a much-needed platform for readers to interact and be informed; from a personalized tailor-made diet plan to fitness and health articles that provide clear and direct answers to a large scope of questions.

Join an online community where together we can share worries, solutions and suggestions by encouraging member interaction and support that will inform and inspire you to become that better version of yourself. The science of nutrition is constantly developing as research for its affects on our bodies is providing us with all the necessary knowledge in regards to combating our draining lifestyles. Excess body weight, obesity, diabetes, intense stress and sudden mood swings are only some of the symptoms that can be controlled simply through shifting and altering your attitude to food.

Countless years of experience and clinical practice, in combination with our constant search for the newest and latest scientific progressions in the fields of Nutrition, Science and Psychology, has led us to the creation of a complete intervention package for your lifestyle. Pro-G-Diet is targeting the masses - all ages, genders and sizes, who not only wish to rid themselves of excess pounds but also want to upgrade, enhance and achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our goal is to effectively combine the most efficient evidence-based scientific methods that will support your lifestyle change and help you succeed. Pro-G-Diet consists of a clever unification of a low glycemic index and adequate protein intake for sustainable results.

We firmly stand by the notion that nutritional behavior is not only dependent upon what you eat. Our philosophy at Dietisnotforme (and in succession Pro-G-Diet) aims to reform your way of living through food combinations and meal regulation that lead to a higher metabolic rate, lower craving frequency and an improvement in your state of mind.

Remember, we will be there every step of the way to guide you through your own personal weight-loss struggle and to ensure you achieve that much sought-after balanced lifestyle.

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